human mandala

Human Mandala


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Honor Harger: A history of the universe in sound | Video on

Honor Harger: A history of the universe in sound | Video on

via Honor Harger: A history of the universe in sound | Video on

Otherwise Pre-occupied.

I’ve found that I have had to make a choice between a few things I love, Before creating this blog I created a Linux blog, I posted around the same on each blog and each blog was meant to eventually aid me in having my own lifestyle that does not require me to go to a job to live by my own creativity.

Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went on stress leave from my job, knowing I needed to find that something different that would allow me to be some one with at least a small ammount of self generated income. I decided to use the stats from each blog as a rating measurement. This blog had around a third of the hits that my linux blog had and I had not updated it in 3 months during the time I was building this blog up. The numbers did not lie, The slow trickle of views that I had on my Linux blog had overwhealmed what is produced by each post on this blog. The content I had poured into my Linux blog was useful little tidbits of information that have not changed within the many years I have used Linux. Continue reading

THE GOD FRACTAL (you are god)

What a wonderful Video that really does teach a lot.

Status Update

I am going to try my best to get more posts up in the future. Sorry That I’ve been busy.

Awesome Crystals and Tarot Cards.

I bought what I felt were some necessary healing items today. I went to the local store that sells Crystals and purchased a base of what I felt I needed. Small and plentiful. Easy to carry around if needed. I could not find a Tarot Card deck I felt comfortable with at the store that I purchased the Crystals.

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