Yum – Breakfast

How wonderful is a healthy meal, Seriously nothing effects your day better than a wonderful healthy meal, your mind, body and soul will thank you greatly.

Here is something I made myself for breakfast and how to make it yourself. I started by chopping up the veggies I had available, these were garlic, onion and celery, I also had prechopped frozen spinach so I decided to use some of that as well. After chopping my veggies I proceeded to grill them and allow the spinach to defrost. Once defrosted I added 3 eggs and a spoonful of chia seeds to the mix. Stirring and allowing the food to cook completely I ended up with something that looked like this.


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Overcoming fear – Live in the now.

In reality the word fear is has some duality to it. There are two general types of fear I have a few names for each of them. The first that I am going to discus is the good type fear(its not actually fear) because it keeps us safe and alerts us of dangers. I refer to this type of fear as instinctual or natural. The second type of fear is dangerous and unwanted. I refer to this type of fear as artificial and non-natural.

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Field and Aura rotation – A tool for Anxiety

I want to share some of my discoveries in regards to chakra, Our chakra system guides many things within our lives. What in particular I would like to discuss with you is how the understanding of certain aspects within the chakra system can be a very useful tool in correcting unwanted negative emotional states and producing more positive emotional states within yourself. Most people here are most likely aware of the chakra system within the body, There is encapsulation of the chakra system located within the body by an outer field and your energies swirl around between this field and your body.

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Breath – Dealing with Anger.

I’d just like to share something with the rest of you, The importance of breath within our daily lives. How we breathe and use our lungs can manipulate our emotions and as we know our emotion has meaning. Whether that meaning be positive or negative within any moment is up to you.

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Lets learn together!

Hey, My goal is to help others with things that pop up in life, how to understand how the outside influences the inside and become positive in nature. Propelling healing within yourself and within the planet.

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