Field and Aura rotation – A tool for Anxiety

I want to share some of my discoveries in regards to chakra, Our chakra system guides many things within our lives. What in particular I would like to discuss with you is how the understanding of certain aspects within the chakra system can be a very useful tool in correcting unwanted negative emotional states and producing more positive emotional states within yourself. Most people here are most likely aware of the chakra system within the body, There is encapsulation of the chakra system located within the body by an outer field and your energies swirl around between this field and your body.

The first thing I wanted to check was what directions my chakra was supposed to flow, this was easy for me to find out because my facial hair gave me the answer I was looking for, as odd as it sounds thats where I looked. So my beard under my chin lays flat on one side and poofs out on the other. In my case this flow went from left to right or clockwise,

I asked a family member to look at the direction my hair grew and it was the same. I assumed that this was my natural flow, I decided to do some tests to find out.I thought of that layer of my chakra and I felt it moving, it was moving in the direction that my data had led me to believe it would, from left to right. I then thought of that layer of my chakra flowing straight out and being still, This felt neutral to me, Niether pleasant or unpleasant. Then I spun my chakra in the other direction and the effect was a pit in my stomach, as if I had just recieved bad news or something. I switched the direction back in the direction that my chakra naturally flowed and it felt very positive.Aha! I said to myself. This could potentially help people deal with anxiety and other negative emotional states, This outer layer is a reflection of how well your chakra’s are working within your body, I hope this helps out!

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