Overcoming fear – Live in the now.

In reality the word fear is has some duality to it. There are two general types of fear I have a few names for each of them. The first that I am going to discus is the good type fear(its not actually fear) because it keeps us safe and alerts us of dangers. I refer to this type of fear as instinctual or natural. The second type of fear is dangerous and unwanted. I refer to this type of fear as artificial and non-natural.

The natural fear only shows itself when it is needed via instincts otherwise staying dormant. Here is an example of a time when my fear activated chemicals within my brain that allowed me to think clearly within the situation to keep me and everyone around me safe. Here is what happened in detail, We were walking the dogs (a Shorky & a Corgi) in an offleash dog park. Just off the path and about 4 feet to my left and a foot behind me I hear a very loud hiss, Adreneline hit me and I scanned the landscape for what made the sound. It was a rattle snake and it was not impressed that we had crossed pathes with it. Both of the dogs and my mother were acting interested instead of proceeding with due caution and I took action. The snake was coiled in a striking pose facing the direction of Gracy the Shorky, One strike and that would probably be the end of one of my beloved friends. I decided safety was paramount and quickly tapped Gracy on the hind with my foot, indicating in a speedy manner that this was not something to be trifled with. Immediately Gracy looked to me for guidance and I told her to get behind me. I then proceeded to shout “Get Back! at the remaining two in the situation, Both of them immediately jumped to the side of the path opposing the snake. I then instructed then both to stay on that side of the path and get past me, Finally I took up the rear and quickly got everyone moving along. I did not want to antagonize the snake any more than I had to just incase another person came across it, if it was angered it may not warn next time like it did with us. All my mother could say was “Thank you for coming with me, I do not know what would have happened had you not been here”. My understanding that rattle snakes are venomous and could have potentially killed one of us had previously granted me a respect and fear of them. Often referred to as fear, I think its more aptly called instinct.

The non-natural type of fear seems to be entirely created by humanity and the confines of society. There are many examples of how this type of fear is used against us however that is not what I would like to convey with this section. I will however give an example of one common fear of many people within todays society. Reading an article on the internet about people not being able to afford their mortgage and losing their homes can potentially put this idea within your mind, That maybe this will happen to you. It creates an image within your mind of the potential of this happening. I believe this to be us getting a glimpse of a possible future out of many so when something like this happens it is important to push these type of thoughts out of your mind anytime they come to you, do not dwell on such negative thoughts. It is equally important to replace that thought with a mirroring positive thought, in this case such a thought would be what needs to be done in order to prevent the loss of ones home. This may be one thought or it may be many thoughts that encompas an overall strategy to accomplish said goal.

Now after explaining the different types of fear I am sure you will agree, Allowing our instincts to guide us and driving our fear from our hearts allows us to live in the now. Enjoying more of the beauty that life has to offer.

2 Responses

  1. I agree; it’s like when the Jaws movie dropped in theaters because people were terrified to even put their toes in a body of water. Through my martial arts, especially the meditative aspect of it, I’ve learned to let go of these man-made fears that society throws in our face all the time!!

    • I agree. Martial Arts can have a giant impact on how you see reality differently, When things are no longer dangerous on the physical layer it is easier to work on positively effecting the mental layer of ourselves. This is why balance within the body, mind and spirit is important. Neglecting one aspect of yourself can have negative consequences within other aspects of ourselves.

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