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Self Reflection – Emotions through time

We are in essence the embodyment of every single emotion we have ever experienced, How we think of another person is directly related to the culmination of our emotions towards that person. This extends beyond the realm of thought and manifests into the physical, these reflections of our thoughts are revealed through how we act and react through both visual and verbal communication.

I must stress the importance in our lives to take the time to reflect upon yourself, the actions you took during the day and how each of these actions made you feel. It is important to make a mental note of the emotions of your memories, especially the negative experiences in your life. Now you may be ready to jump out of your chair and shout at the screen “No, This is Incorrect! Holding onto my negative emotions does not help me!” and I would agree with this statement. We must be mindful of our negative experiences in order to process and transform them into a positive light.

Enjoy the reflections of the times when your day felt positive and happy. Allow these good times to uplift you, pulling these happy thoughts into your mind through out your day when ever you feel a lift in positivity is needed.

When reviewing negative experiences the goal is to view the situation as a third party, Let go of your ego and see the events take place within your mind as accuractely as they happened without modifying the circumstances of your memory to benefit yourself. Being honest with yourself is vital if you expect to grow, we are all human and make mistakes.

Here is an example, A situation happens and you get into a heated verbal altercation with someone close to you. Harsh words are exchanged and both parties involved say regrettable things, things just went too far. The emotions of this argument may stick with these two people for quite some time if no action is taken to resolve the issue. Of course the two could have a conversation and talk it out. This is often difficult when we are in an incorrect emotional state because we cannot maintain a clear mind that allows us to make the best decisions, However if both parties involved in the altercation were to meditate and reflect upon the situation this can be changed. While reflecting upon the situation that took place, instead of feeling the emotions originally linked in your mind with that memory you should think of positive emotions such as how much you love the person and all the wonderful things that they do for you.

In doing this you are changing how you think about the person, how you feel about the person, how you act toward that person. Relations with that person will undoubtedly improve.

In situations where another person was not a direct factor of your emotional state, instead of projecting emotions upon the experience you can project love toward yourself and contemplate questions that may lead you to a resolution of that emotion. A certain situation arises and anxiety closes in upon you. Why do you feel this way? Was there a past experience that produced this anxiety in your present self? When else did you feel this way? What can you do to resolve this?. Lets say it is a deep rooted issue from childhood, something that has come up time and again. You don’t even consciously understand why these things bother you anymore, they just do. Being aware that they bother you is the first step to understand and improve. Next feel through time for the root of that particular emotional state or trigger, it is linked in your brain so accessing the current (and past) occurance(s) will give you insight into the deeper issue if you ask yourself the right questions. Cleanse the darkness and fill yourself with light.

As you do this more and more you will find that viewing the situation as an observer while currently within the situation becomes not only possible, but enjoyable and beneficial.


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  1. What a great read 🙂 Thank you for sharing!! Rina

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