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Segregation – damaging to human bonds and evolution

There are many differerent types of segregation. Segregation of ones true self, Segregation from each other. Little and big things that we do as a society that keep us separated, from rules on how to perform certain social tasks appropriately to how religion is a cause of segregation. Keep in mind while you read this article that I have no issues with people of faith, I love all people equally.

I have encountered multiple occasions when I have attempted to help somebody and the very fact that I was willing to help them was not enough, apparently their personal social convictions posed a requirement of me from them, one I do not quite understand. This requirement was one that I should have asked them permission to provide help to them. I myself found this to be a proposterous notion, I understood my true self loves to help people, it brings me happiness doing so. On one occurrence someone was asking for technical support using a chat service. They had a computer issue that they needed an answer, I had such an answer so greeted the person in a private message. I received a response of this nature “Its rude to PM without asking first”. I said to the person, “Okay… Sorry for bothering you, good luck finding an answer to your issue”. I proceeded to watch this person complain in the channel because no one else had an answer that would help him, after about half an hour of listening to him ask the same question over and over, getting frustrated not being able to find a resolution. I finally said to him “I had wanted to help you earlier, but you were rude to me because I did not ask your permission to answer your question and help you.” I required an appology and once I had received one I proceeded to help him in exactly the same manner I had tried to help him before. I greeted him in a private message without prior asking and continued to gather the information I required to help him so the channel would not be spammed by information not relevant to them. I proceeded to assist him in resolving the simple issue he was having with his computer. The point of this story is that this person had created so many social confines and rules that when some one came from outside those rules he was not able to understand that person was attempting to help him, as I was not able to accept the segregation of my true self in order to help this person, he was not able to see beyond how his attitude toward what is socially acceptable was segregating him from receiving the help he was searching for. Being open minded and accepting others for who they are is important, if you let a bunch of little things like this define you the cost may be greater than you imagine. Let me just say bluntly, I will not ask to help you if I see you could benefit from information I have posted, If you choose to modify and not share a link within a comment I make it is not my loss. I did not share that information for myself, I shared it for you.

There seems to be a thing about teams and community that can be very positive, the competitive nature however to me creates a negative spin on the reality of things. That’s why Inherantly within me I do not enjoy watching most stadium sports or participating within an organized religion. In terms of sports when one chooses a team and picks a side it can create an atmosphere where your team is viewed as friendly people and the opposing team could be viewed almost as enemies, depending on how hardcore the fan. In terms of religion I view us as all being the same, we must look at the base of each religion and realize that the fundamentals are that we should care for each other, be kind to each other. Realize that there are things that link every single religion together and focus on those core aspects, Spirituality between all religions is what is important. In the past I have been told by certain very religious people that I must feel empty inside because I did not believe in God. When this has never been the case. I simply hold myself accountable for the things that I do and reflect upon the things I that did not go how I would have liked. Instead of treating those of other faiths as different from yourself as in my example I would like people to try and understand the core beliefs of those around you, understand how we are all the same, energies flow within all of us in the same manner as do our emotions and a strong connection with our planet. Learn to love yourself and all others.


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