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Videogame addiction – What on earth are we looking for?

Videogames have been a large part of my life and I have at times gone through bouts of depression and searched for worlds within games, alternate realities. At times I’ve thought to myself wow this alternate reality is more fun and entertaining and in a way more fulfilling than present reality, at least it feels like I accomplish something. What I did not understand at the time is that I could not have been more wrong… However the time spent in those videogames honed my focus.

This is where in that odd manner that things happen to be, things that are seemingly unlinked in reality are very much linked together. My time spent honing my focus became inherently userful when I started my spiritual journey and began a process of meditation. I soon realized that all the addiction and feelings of wanting a separate reality, the need to search through video games, for maybe something more real than life. Those feelings were caused by a deep rooted understanding that there was something more to our present reality, I just did not know what at the time.

Through meditation I have found a visualization practice that works well for me, guiding my mind where ever I find appealing. Sights and emotions around me more vivid and beautiful than any videogame could ever hope to portray. However I do find the mechanics of videogames to be entertaining to try and understand the logic behind how it operates on a non graphical, how was this coded level of thought. I do not feel the capacity to ever be addicted to a video game again. The universe had provided me with a profound realization, videogames were a waste of time. Although entertaining I had the choice within me, I made the right one. To become productive and helpful to those around me with the knowledge I have learned throughout my life.


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