Comments – I love feedback and Idea’s.

I would like to start this post off saying I love each and every one of you that view my blog as well as those that are new here or even those that do not view my blog at this time, This blog is written for you.

I have commented on a few blogs and gotten some odd responses in regards to posting links without asking and had helpful links removed from my post due to not asking to post a link. I’d like for you to keep in mind that I have much different social conventions than most, I find it inappropriate to have to ask to share useful information, it wastes the time of both party memebers. I welcome feedback and if the information is in any way relevant I welcome posting of links. If the information provided in links interests me and I find that it will be helpful information to pass on toward others I have no issues with reblogging it on this blog.

I also would like to invite each and every one of  you to provide idea’s for future blogs, if you have issues in your life and think I may be able to aid you in finding a resolution you are more than welcome to ask for my help, I enjoy helping others and welcome the opportunity to do so provided I can keep up with the requests.

Thank you all for being you, you’re all one of a kind to me.


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