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Soulmates – It starts from within.

Finding who you are spiritually is the key to finding your soulmate. There is medicine in places of the earth that can facilitate such experiences. This method is not the only way to accomplish finding your true self. The key to doing this is to examine within yourself why you do the things you do, what brain washing have you received that may make you think certain things define you.


Social status, net worth, having the biggest or best new thing, all the competition behind these ways of thought, Is any of this really relevant when you are born and when your current existence ends? Is working together not more pleasant? We see and hear all around us “Watch this, buy that, do this, don’t do that!” From many different sources. From the television we see all sorts of different ways to behave, stereotypes of all sorts, Do you allow things you see on TV define you? Many songs on the radio seem to steer society in certain directions. Advertising of some sort every where you look. Magazines tell women to be this way and guys to be that way, If you are not does life end?

Neural linguistic programming is one of the reasons I strongly prefer instrumental music over music with lyrics. A skilled Orchestra can evoke any emotional state desired within a person, if they understand what certain sounds evoke which emotions within us. This is not a corruptor because there are no messages linked within your mind, you are able to create your own scenario to describe what the music means to you. It is left for interpretation and leaves the listener with an open mind.

There is often so much information – and disinformation – from the external sources in our life that we forget to look within ourselves to find an answer that suits us and makes us happy, we give parts of ourselves up here and there usually at the convenience of others. It is time for everyone to learn to truly love themselves, their surroundings and everything beyond. Then the capability of truly finding your soulmate is revealed to you, An understanding of how to look for your soulmate. In all honesty I think we all have multiple potential soulmates, that single neighbor that you don’t seem to agree with at this time. She could have made choices or learned things that change the state of compatibility between her soul and yours. Our personal circumstances change over time as does who we are. Find and remember… Who was that infant so many years ago? Live how that being once lived, within a life full of love.


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  1. I think a lot about who I was as a small girl, which parts of me I had to let go, and which ones I am reclaiming. It’s silly how many good traits we train out of our children in order to force them into socially acceptable boxes, and how much suffering this causes in the world.

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