Awesome Crystals and Tarot Cards.

I bought what I felt were some necessary healing items today. I went to the local store that sells Crystals and purchased a base of what I felt I needed. Small and plentiful. Easy to carry around if needed. I could not find a Tarot Card deck I felt comfortable with at the store that I purchased the Crystals.

I first Looked at the Crystal Massage wands. I saw many that drew my attention, I saw a vibrant pink quarts one that caught my attention, it was filled with compassion. I saw many others of interest but not quite that one that jumped out at me. I noticed some that were getting no light at all and you could not see the vibrancy of them. I asked to see the ones there, The items darkening the counterspace were moved for me. I saw many different types of crystals, The universe was telling me green. I wanted Jade for some reason, There was a dark green Jade wand but it did not appeal to me. Then I noticed two smaller green massage wands, They were labeled as “New Jade” and had a milky mix to them. One seemed more vibrant than the other so I decided to purchase that one. During my after purchase research I read that New Jade is actually another stone called Serpentine which has many useful healing properties quite similar to a foggy light green jade would.

In a bowl there was some agate of all sorts. I looked through the bowl and there were many varieties of agate crystal, I found myself to be fond of a bright blue one. I set it aside then noticed some green ones that had wonderful coloring, I decided I would get one of those. There were three purple agates that caught my attention. After looking over the purple agates and the other green agate I decided on 6 agate crystals, afterwards finding out that they have healing properties as well.

I saw some pyrite last time I was in the store and one piece in particular had caught my eye, It took me a few scans through but I finally noticed it was half covered by a piece of paper. There were 3 of the larger pieces, the smaller pieces were just chips and shards. I found the one that seemed to contain the most information when viewed at many different angles, it shines with many different colors. Again looking up Pyrite afterwards to find it also has healing properties.

(correction, this is actually bismuth below)

Sometimes I find myself bored and not knowing what direction to take, I have been looking into tarot cards and I had a few in mind that I felt matched my personality. I went from the store that I purchased the crystals to a store nearby that I knew could at the very least order the deck that I wanted, At this location I found one of the decks that had me interested. I decided to buy the deck that they had available and order the one I really want. Both decks serve a different purpose. One is designed around divination and is called The Psychic Tarot – Oracle Deck. The Sirian Starseed Tarot designed around self reflection and inner-self exploration . I found that the non-traditional decks resonated better within me, Neither of the decks I purchased have the traditional archetypes however this one does have a listing of what the traditional archetype would be under the specific cards in the guidebook.

I am very happy with my new healing items. I hope this post brings some joy to all of you.

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