Otherwise Pre-occupied.

I’ve found that I have had to make a choice between a few things I love, Before creating this blog I created a Linux blog, I posted around the same on each blog and each blog was meant to eventually aid me in having my own lifestyle that does not require me to go to a job to live by my own creativity.

Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went on stress leave from my job, knowing I needed to find that something different that would allow me to be some one with at least a small ammount of self generated income. I decided to use the stats from each blog as a rating measurement. This blog had around a third of the hits that my linux blog had and I had not updated it in 3 months during the time I was building this blog up. The numbers did not lie, The slow trickle of views that I had on my Linux blog had overwhealmed what is produced by each post on this blog. The content I had poured into my Linux blog was useful little tidbits of information that have not changed within the many years I have used Linux.

I decided since the Linux blog had sat and done so well on its own that I would give it a domain name upgrade. I purchased http://cuttingedgelinux.com and now that the Linux blog is no longer under a subdomain and a great deal of changes to the interface and setup of many different services to promote the site the stats have increased at an alarming rate which makes me quite happy and positive. Day 1 estimated views increase of 150% based against previous highest day. Day 2 estimated 200+%  based against day 1 views.

In an area that is very content driven it requires me to take more time away from posting on this blog to gain a large content base that will aid the Linux community greatly by increasing the competency of the user base.

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