Otherwise Pre-occupied.

I’ve found that I have had to make a choice between a few things I love, Before creating this blog I created a Linux blog, I posted around the same on each blog and each blog was meant to eventually aid me in having my own lifestyle that does not require me to go to a job to live by my own creativity.

Tux, the Linux penguin

Tux, the Linux penguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I went on stress leave from my job, knowing I needed to find that something different that would allow me to be some one with at least a small ammount of self generated income. I decided to use the stats from each blog as a rating measurement. This blog had around a third of the hits that my linux blog had and I had not updated it in 3 months during the time I was building this blog up. The numbers did not lie, The slow trickle of views that I had on my Linux blog had overwhealmed what is produced by each post on this blog. The content I had poured into my Linux blog was useful little tidbits of information that have not changed within the many years I have used Linux. Continue reading


Awesome Crystals and Tarot Cards.

I bought what I felt were some necessary healing items today. I went to the local store that sells Crystals and purchased a base of what I felt I needed. Small and plentiful. Easy to carry around if needed. I could not find a Tarot Card deck I felt comfortable with at the store that I purchased the Crystals.

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New Job – Exhaustion

Sorry for the lack of posts, I just got a new full time job in order to fund all the things I would like to accomplish in my life, Which means I have less time for things like writing posts. I ride my Bicycle to and from work, that is a 10.5k round trip. I am naturally a hard worker and end up getting a decent work out, I am exhausted by the time I get home. I’ll get used to it but for the time being I appreciate your patience.

Nature within a frame of the city.

Nature within a frame of the city.

I have had a friend ask for another post in regards to videogame addiction and more helpful advice, I have been thinking about this and would like to get a post up with that soon.

Soulmates – It starts from within.

Finding who you are spiritually is the key to finding your soulmate. There is medicine in places of the earth that can facilitate such experiences. This method is not the only way to accomplish finding your true self. The key to doing this is to examine within yourself why you do the things you do, what brain washing have you received that may make you think certain things define you.


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Comments – I love feedback and Idea’s.

I would like to start this post off saying I love each and every one of you that view my blog as well as those that are new here or even those that do not view my blog at this time, This blog is written for you.

I have commented on a few blogs and gotten some odd responses in regards to posting links without asking and had helpful links removed from my post due to not asking to post a link. I’d like for you to keep in mind that I have much different social conventions than most, I find it inappropriate to have to ask to share useful information, it wastes the time of both party memebers. I welcome feedback and if the information is in any way relevant I welcome posting of links. If the information provided in links interests me and I find that it will be helpful information to pass on toward others I have no issues with reblogging it on this blog. Continue reading

oh, thats the backlash they talk about…

I feel like I’ve been burned yet again like the coals from this fire. I did something very positive in my last post, I did not mention that my friend had told me due to the positivity I caused I would have a negative backlash as the universes way to maintain balance. Well today it rolled through and it hurts. I have been seeing a woman and the time has been enjoyable. I’ve been thinking of asking her out but today she told me she just wanted to be friends. She would listen to me about my hard life and I hers. She did not think I was crazy or undesireable because I do not have a perfect life. We share much in common in life and spiritually. I feel that the both of us equally helped each other progress in one way or another. I love so much about her and it makes me sad to have her say that to me. I’ll get over it I suppose. I guess this gives me more reason to delve deeper into myself, find out more of who I really am and take some time to figure life out again… I hope the rest of you had a better day than me.

A awesome night.

I was talking to a few friends last night over a voip service as I often like to do, One of my friends had been dealing with a personal issue for a long time and I was finally able to assist him in resolving this issue that was causing him much negativity. Once released from this negative energy he was able to find a part of his inner self he was missing. I performed a much needed shift in his reality and understanding. I am happy I was able to promote such love within him and aid him in finding what he needed.