New Job – Exhaustion

Sorry for the lack of posts, I just got a new full time job in order to fund all the things I would like to accomplish in my life, Which means I have less time for things like writing posts. I ride my Bicycle to and from work, that is a 10.5k round trip. I am naturally a hard worker and end up getting a decent work out, I am exhausted by the time I get home. I’ll get used to it but for the time being I appreciate your patience.

Nature within a frame of the city.

Nature within a frame of the city.

I have had a friend ask for another post in regards to videogame addiction and more helpful advice, I have been thinking about this and would like to get a post up with that soon.

Photo updates

I am going to updating all the current blog postings with photography I have personally taken during the summer, I hope everyone Enjoys the beauty that has disappeared with the return of winter.