A rough day, looking ahead for better times.

I felt a pit in my stomach when I woke up, my energy was low. I did not sleep enough last night… a 3:30 am alarm comes early when you prefer to be almost nocturnal. I only work part-time at the present. I walked to work and stopped at a store on the way, I purchased a protein bar for breakfast that I ate while I walked to work. The bar tasted horrible, it was supposed to be fruit flavoured but the fruit tasted artificial. Eating the bar made my stomache ache and made me feel like I was going to throw up (thankfully I did not).  I told my boss that I was not feeling well, I was here but not feeling well. I was implying to her that my performance may not be optimal and I may be slower today. She responded in a manner similar to “I dont care, work your ass off.” We have not been reaching the goals that management has placed upon us since I started this job, We had a meeting a while ago and we were told to come up with idea’s to make the process faster, If we did not get things done efficiently there would be a possibility we would be fired. I told my boss my idea’s, I had two of them and one was implemented and our productivity increased. The second Idea she told me that we could not make the job idiot proof… Continue reading

Videogame addiction – What on earth are we looking for?

Videogames have been a large part of my life and I have at times gone through bouts of depression and searched for worlds within games, alternate realities. At times I’ve thought to myself wow this alternate reality is more fun and entertaining and in a way more fulfilling than present reality, at least it feels like I accomplish something. What I did not understand at the time is that I could not have been more wrong… However the time spent in those videogames honed my focus.

This is where in that odd manner that things happen to be, things that are seemingly unlinked in reality are very much linked together. Continue reading

Segregation – damaging to human bonds and evolution

There are many differerent types of segregation. Segregation of ones true self, Segregation from each other. Little and big things that we do as a society that keep us separated, from rules on how to perform certain social tasks appropriately to how religion is a cause of segregation. Keep in mind while you read this article that I have no issues with people of faith, I love all people equally.

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Photo updates

I am going to updating all the current blog postings with photography I have personally taken during the summer, I hope everyone Enjoys the beauty that has disappeared with the return of winter.

Self Reflection – Emotions through time

We are in essence the embodyment of every single emotion we have ever experienced, How we think of another person is directly related to the culmination of our emotions towards that person. This extends beyond the realm of thought and manifests into the physical, these reflections of our thoughts are revealed through how we act and react through both visual and verbal communication.

I must stress the importance in our lives to take the time to reflect upon yourself, the actions you took during the day and how each of these actions made you feel. It is important to make a mental note of the emotions of your memories, especially the negative experiences in your life. Now you may be ready to jump out of your chair and shout at the screen “No, This is Incorrect! Holding onto my negative emotions does not help me!” and I would agree with this statement. We must be mindful of our negative experiences in order to process and transform them into a positive light. Continue reading

Overcoming fear – Live in the now.

In reality the word fear is has some duality to it. There are two general types of fear I have a few names for each of them. The first that I am going to discus is the good type fear(its not actually fear) because it keeps us safe and alerts us of dangers. I refer to this type of fear as instinctual or natural. The second type of fear is dangerous and unwanted. I refer to this type of fear as artificial and non-natural.

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Breath – Dealing with Anger.

I’d just like to share something with the rest of you, The importance of breath within our daily lives. How we breathe and use our lungs can manipulate our emotions and as we know our emotion has meaning. Whether that meaning be positive or negative within any moment is up to you.

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