My Enlightenment experience – The benefits of a difficult life. A Biography of sorts.

I am going to discuss a lot of the negativity and hardships that have happened to me throughout my life and allow many of you to understand me in a different way, upon initially meeting me most these days people would probably see me as a loving person, this has not always been the case. I once had been filled with a hate and anger for other people caused by other people and life was difficult. I will discuss how having a difficult life actually made my spiritual progression easier, it allowed me to pass through barriers that normally hold people back and finally what happened to cleanse the hate from deep within myself and allow forgiveness.

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Overcoming fear – Live in the now.

In reality the word fear is has some duality to it. There are two general types of fear I have a few names for each of them. The first that I am going to discus is the good type fear(its not actually fear) because it keeps us safe and alerts us of dangers. I refer to this type of fear as instinctual or natural. The second type of fear is dangerous and unwanted. I refer to this type of fear as artificial and non-natural.

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