Awesome Crystals and Tarot Cards.

I bought what I felt were some necessary healing items today. I went to the local store that sells Crystals and purchased a base of what I felt I needed. Small and plentiful. Easy to carry around if needed. I could not find a Tarot Card deck I felt comfortable with at the store that I purchased the Crystals.

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oh, thats the backlash they talk about…

I feel like I’ve been burned yet again like the coals from this fire. I did something very positive in my last post, I did not mention that my friend had told me due to the positivity I caused I would have a negative backlash as the universes way to maintain balance. Well today it rolled through and it hurts. I have been seeing a woman and the time has been enjoyable. I’ve been thinking of asking her out but today she told me she just wanted to be friends. She would listen to me about my hard life and I hers. She did not think I was crazy or undesireable because I do not have a perfect life. We share much in common in life and spiritually. I feel that the both of us equally helped each other progress in one way or another. I love so much about her and it makes me sad to have her say that to me. I’ll get over it I suppose. I guess this gives me more reason to delve deeper into myself, find out more of who I really am and take some time to figure life out again… I hope the rest of you had a better day than me.

Segregation – damaging to human bonds and evolution

There are many differerent types of segregation. Segregation of ones true self, Segregation from each other. Little and big things that we do as a society that keep us separated, from rules on how to perform certain social tasks appropriately to how religion is a cause of segregation. Keep in mind while you read this article that I have no issues with people of faith, I love all people equally.

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