Soulmates – It starts from within.

Finding who you are spiritually is the key to finding your soulmate. There is medicine in places of the earth that can facilitate such experiences. This method is not the only way to accomplish finding your true self. The key to doing this is to examine within yourself why you do the things you do, what brain washing have you received that may make you think certain things define you.


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Videogame addiction – What on earth are we looking for?

Videogames have been a large part of my life and I have at times gone through bouts of depression and searched for worlds within games, alternate realities. At times I’ve thought to myself wow this alternate reality is more fun and entertaining and in a way more fulfilling than present reality, at least it feels like I accomplish something. What I did not understand at the time is that I could not have been more wrong… However the time spent in those videogames honed my focus.

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Segregation – damaging to human bonds and evolution

There are many differerent types of segregation. Segregation of ones true self, Segregation from each other. Little and big things that we do as a society that keep us separated, from rules on how to perform certain social tasks appropriately to how religion is a cause of segregation. Keep in mind while you read this article that I have no issues with people of faith, I love all people equally.

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Photo updates

I am going to updating all the current blog postings with photography I have personally taken during the summer, I hope everyone Enjoys the beauty that has disappeared with the return of winter.

My Enlightenment experience – The benefits of a difficult life. A Biography of sorts.

I am going to discuss a lot of the negativity and hardships that have happened to me throughout my life and allow many of you to understand me in a different way, upon initially meeting me most these days people would probably see me as a loving person, this has not always been the case. I once had been filled with a hate and anger for other people caused by other people and life was difficult. I will discuss how having a difficult life actually made my spiritual progression easier, it allowed me to pass through barriers that normally hold people back and finally what happened to cleanse the hate from deep within myself and allow forgiveness.

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Huge upcoming personal post.

I am in process of writing a very long post in regards to my past experiences and my life, it is going to be sort of like a biography. Telling many personal stories of my difficulty through life as I realized the meaning of these experiences.

Another purpose of this post will be to allow many people to know about me without requiring me to repeat myself over and over.

How to Handle Criticism

What a wonderful lesson that many need to learn.

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Criticism….how do you handle it? We have so many euro-pathways and habits that have been engrained and conditioned in us that when someone criticises you, you feel instantly offended or horrible and you even start second guessing yourself. But you feel that way because it’s a habit to feel that way but it can be changed by how you absorb information and what is the truth to you. Think about why you feel horrible when someone criticises you. Is it valid? Is there some truth to it? Does it hit home? When I get criticized I don’t feel bad about it at all, because it’s not an issue for me. It’s taken me years of practice but I’ve changed the way I take in information, sometimes depending on the source.

When someone starts criticizing me I thank them and listen and take in what I want because I am human…

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